Monday, April 13, 2009

Why I'm wearing capris and short sleeves in 40 degree weather...

... because I'm a social worker. Well, that's the short answer anyways.

The long answer is because when I get called at 3 am to go out on a call, when I didn't even think I was on-call, I don't really plan ahead too well. I also tend to be overly optimistic apparently - it seemed reasonable at the time to think that I would be able to leave the hospital by 6am so that I would have time to go home and change clothes before being at work at 8:30 this morning. And it seemed easy enough that I could go buy a pair of pants real quick if I really got stuck. Ahhhh... wishful thinking!

Instead, I ended up being at the hospital until 9am, when I had to call the daytime crisis worker to come relieve me. Then I ran by my favorite store - because I'm short and they sell lots of 'petite' length pants. They did not have a single pair of petite length pants in my size! Or even in a size up!! So, then I was forced to purchase a pair of capris - because it springtime everywhere but here today! Here it is about 40 degrees, with a freezing wind and slight rain. And then, because I was wearing long sleeves as my top (which would have worked fine to switch from jeans to black/brown/grey dress pants) - I had to search for a shirt to go with my new capris. And of course - everything is short sleeved! A little over $100 dollars later I was suitably (albeit coldly) dressed to arrive to work over 2 hours late. Which is also when I realized that working that shift was pointless. I basically just paid around to be on call last night... *SIGH* I guess I'll just file this one under "Lessons Learned"...

If you want to hear the story of WHY I needed to spend 6+ hours on a single call at the ER this morning, please stay tuned for my next post. It will be titled: WHY DID YOU EVEN CALL ME OUT HERE? Subtitle: Why doctors make terrible social workers.


  1. LOL! I can hardly wait for the next post!

  2. Found your blog through someone elses. Wanted to pass this blog along to you. This girl needs support and prayers.
    Could you pass along the word here on your blog?


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