Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Know Your A Social Worker if... (part two!)

(For the first 26 read here!)

You know you are a social worker if...

27. People think its a compliment if they mistake you for a psychologist

28. It's a common occurrence to walk through metal detectors.

29. You're thankful that you have a license without having to go to school for umpteen years like a psychologist.

30. You work odd hours and wonder why others can't also be as flexible, or why we have to be the only ones who work strange hours.

31. Despite the poor reputation of a social worker your job has you interacting with those in higher authority positions (lawyers, doctors, judges, state representatives, superintendents, directors, etc)...and they come looking for you in a panic when they need you...

32. You can make just about anything a client does into a strength.

33. You laugh at things "normal" people would be shocked by.

34. You constantly struggle with the work/life balance.

35. You find it hard to get babysitters as you don't trust anyone with your children.

36. You're exhausted but you keep smiling!!

37. Hearing the worst news stories does not shock you in the least bit.

38. You think nothing of saying the words vagina, penis, or anus in a daily conversation

39. You assess your date (in your head) while out on a date just to see if they meet criteria for any DSM IV diagnosis.

40. Your mother tells people you are a psychiatrist or psychologist. For the umpteenth time, I'm a social worker.

41. Your significant other has learned that when someone greets you in public not to ask "who was that?"

42. You know what diversity is and that it has nothing to do with an old, old wooden ship from the civil war era, as per Ron Burgundy in Anchorman.

43. You know the suicide crisis phone number, the food shelf and the community shelter phone numbers right off the top of your head

44. Your friends/family/acquaintances/co-workers will approach you with a "hypothetical problem" to help them with and you can't charge them for your advice.

45. When people ask for your help, they expect you to have all the answers and solution to problems that do not even exist, immediately. We're social workers...not magicians.

46. You know where to find "free" anything (clothes, food, equipment, transportation) but you are not eligible for any of them yourself.

47. You are considered an "expert" with financial assistance for your low-income individuals but you can't keep your own checkbook balanced.

48. You have a file or a list posted in your office on "Stress Reducing Techniques."

49. After a long week of solving other people's problems, you recognize that you haven't dealt with your own at home

50. You don't know what "sick days" are and you call your vacation time "long mental health breaks" or "burn out prevention days".

51. The clinical staff find the patient/family situation appalling and in urgent need of intervention and in your "social work" opinion, you don't really think it's all that bad. You're pretty sure you've seen worse.

52. You love/loathe the idea of role-plays and know that they aren't something perverted necessarily.

53. You've found yourself in a group situation with other social workers discussing a super deep topic, and someone says that they're happy that they were able to have the conversation with other people who "get it" and everyone immediately agrees.

54. You really do have the best gossip around, but have to make sure to remove any possible identifying information first. (Or just blog about it!)

Hope you all enjoyed! Remember, we can either laugh about these things.... or cry... or bang our head on our desks.... or, well, you get the idea... ;)

(Yes, the empahsis is all mine!)


  1. You nailed it again! Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I haven't seen this list before. I know a few folks who can do 32 intuitively, it's powerful to watch. I'm not quite there. I've learned and am continuing to learn a different method -- refocus clients to what their strengths are / put situation into a different context.


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