Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kleenex Warning: Meet Elena

Elena loved the color pink, vegetables, dresses, leopard print tights - and her family.

Elena was diagnosed with brain cancer just before she turned six years old. She died just 255 days later.

Shortly after her death her parents started finding notes that Elena had left around the house - in between books, under furniture, in her Daddy's briefcase.... hundreds of them.

Her parents have created a book out of Elena's love notes called, "Notes Left Behind" and the proceeds will benefit The Cure Starts Now which is working to cure Pediatric Brain Cancer.

Check it out here - but you'd better get more kleenex.


  1. i have a six-year-old daughter. breaks my heart to think of something like that happening. such an innocent time of life. those notes are so precious.

  2. At least you did give us a kleenex warning.

  3. No exaggeration there. I wish I'd not read this at work.

    What a loving heart.

  4. beautiful.

    can you please please please please turn your RSS setting back to full posts?


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