Monday, November 2, 2009


For anyone who is coming by from NoBloPoMo - welcome!

A little about me: I'm a Social Worker - both by profession and by personality - so I pretty much do it 24/7, hence the name!

I work in Child Welfare - but I don't take people's kids away.

I support foster care and adoption - but realize the system is seriously broken.

I love the children I work with - and wish that more people realized how amazing they all are and get involved in making their lives a little better.

I love blogging, have learned a lot and have met some amazing people because of it - I hope you enjoy!

(For all my regulars - you may have noticed I've started moderating comments. No worries, I just worried that traffic may pick up and want to be careful what comments get posted. Be polite in your opinions and you'll be posted ASAP!)


  1. Are you moderating comments because of me?

  2. I am a foster mother and a Christian. I bet I'll love following your journey through NaBloPoMo this month. :)

  3. I realized that when I posted last time it would have been polite to introduce myself. I came via Lisa's blog.

    I am an adoptive and foster mother. Tonight I do not think I am very good at it. I adhere, more or less to the "Beyond Consequences" model...and that leaves you so open for criticism.

    I have not read much of your blog. Some recent traumatic experiences have caused me to be almost fearful of SW's so I will read and maybe become less so.


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