Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You Rock/You Rule - Round 2

I just love this cartoon from the first "best of the best" post that I've decided to name this series after it - also, I couldn't think of anything catchier!

Hope you enjoy the posts that I thought "rocked" last week - I think you ALL "rule"!

The first one was short - but sweet! Fostercare in America's blog highlights previous foster children who are now adults. One of their blog posts last week was a link to a news story about a foster father adopting his foster son. This would all be pretty cool in and of itself right? Except the foster father is 93... and his new son is 64! Steve Bevelheimer was placed with the family at 14 years old and after 50 years, they finally made it official! How cool is that? :)

Malinda at AdoptionTalk posted an intense response to another adoptive mom (who is not okay with the idea of adult adoptees searching for their birth families). Malida's post was entitled, "This Adoptive Mother Does NOT Speak for ME". But even more interesting was another one of her own posts, which she linked to, in which she talks about her feelings about "fake birth certificates". Now, I personally support open records for adult adoptees - but I've never fully understood the rage against ammended /"fake" birth certificates. I mean, everyone needs a birth certificate to do simple things like register for school and get a driver's license right? But after reading this post - I feel like I'm starting to understand why it is so important to having transparency in adoption. I now fully believe there should be an "Adoption Certificate", like I mentioned here, instead of a new Birth Certificate. It just seems like the best answer in my opinion...

Lisa, from Sunshine Girl on a Cloudy Day, introduced me to a book that is now on my Amazon Wish List for Christmas called "FLUX". Its about some of the challenges of "aging out" of the system - I hope someone gets it for me!! ;) On her other blog, Fostering Attachment , Lisa shares the results of the Recommendations of Youth and Young Adults from the 2008 National Convening on Youth Permanence. The conference slogan "Nothing about us without us" reflects the desires of foster youth to take an active role in the decisions that affect their lives and develop ways to influence programs and policies. How cool is that?

I just started following Lori's blog "Weebles Wobblog" last week... just in the nick of time too!  Lori just kicked off her first Book Tour and they are all discussing "The Primal Wound" - which I have not read but is also on my Amazon Wish List - and the different perspectives and opinions are awesome! I saved this one for last because I hope you'll jump right over and get as immersed in reading all the entries in the Book Tour as I did!

Well, that's all for now - I hope you enjoy them!

[And if anyone wants to get started on my Amazon Wish List... just let me know! ;) ]


  1. I thought I'd do some shameless self promoting. I'm having a giveaway. click to enter! (or copy/paste if that didn't hyperlink...)

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog -- it enabled me to find YOUR blog via SiteMeter, and I'm glad I did!

  3. Hey there, and thanks for the shout out!

    The link to my Primal Wound post is (link above is wonky).

    Thanks for inviting people to the tour! I have gotten so much out of reading people's responses to it.

    And thanks also for the info on original birth certificates. I see it as a civil rights issue and have also written about it extensively on the Examiner page:

    Off to check out some of your Rockin posts!

  4. Wow what a great blog! Thanks so much for mentioning site in your post which is how I found your blog..Awesome!


  5. Self promoting apparently doesn't work :-( I wonder how some blogs take off RIGHT AWAY and some just dont...

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  7. BTW, that's the PERFECT cartoon for this feature.

    Just followed you on Twitter. Thanks for the links!


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