Friday, February 19, 2010

Advice Needed!

You all know that I value your opinions soooo much right? :D

Well, I'm finally indulging a little extra love into this blog of mine and getting a real bloggy makeover!

But I have some delimmas!

Keep my blog titled "Eyes Opened Wider"? OR
Change it to "Social Worker 24/7"

And either way, I'd love a catchy sub-title! But I'm terrible at being quippy or profound! So, that is why I am here begging you all for help!

Please tell me which title you think I should use - and then, add a sub-title if you can think of one! It could be something that relates to the name - or just a cool quote of some kind! Truly, I'm at a loss... and I know many of you are much sassier than I!

Just leave it in a comment below, email me, or even twitter me!

Thanks in advance - I have the best bloggy-buddies ever!


  1. Considering the URL of your blog is it is technically beneficial for you to keep it as "Eyes Opened Wider."

    When choosing a subtitle, use the phrase Social Worker 24/7 in it. That will help you to be found when someone does a search for Social Worker.

    These are simple SEO techniques (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) and will help you to come up higher in the search engines like Google and Yahoo when somebody does a search based on keywords like "Social Worker" etc.

  2. Personally i prefer: Eyes opened wider,

  3. I like it as Eyes Opened Wider, and having your pen name as SocialWorker24/7.

    As for a catchy subtitle... I'll think about it and get back to you!

  4. I REALLY like Eyes Opened Wider. I am jealous of it, it is such a good title. Furthermore, it is so appropriate. MY eyes have been opened wider by reading your blog...and it also describes your own attitude to your work - ready to learn and see anew.

  5. I agree with the above...Eyes Open Wider as the blog title and Social Worker 24/7 as your pen name.

  6. In your bloggy makeover can you please go back to full posts in your RSS feed?

    You could change your title to Social Worker 24/7: Opening your Eyes Wider

  7. I agree with the others! Keep Eyes Opened Wider. Good luck with the catchy subtitle :)


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