Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letter to Catie

I have things that are rolling around in my mind since my first resource placement the other night - but they just aren't coming out coherent yet! But in lieu of more of my musings, I at least wanted to share the letter that I wrote to Catie tonight. I mentioned it in my first post and certainly always intended to write it and deliver it to her agency worker - but I simultaneously second guessed whether it would really make a difference.

Luckily, a post from a reader who just started her new blog convinced me it was worthwhile, even if she doesn't read it anytime soon. See why I love my blog community? You guys keep me going - thank you!

So, here it is - I tell ya this, its not easy writing to someone you only knew for 4 hours!


Dear Catie,

Although I only knew you for a few hours, I wanted to write this letter so that you would know that I hope you are safe and well. In the short time we spent together it was obvious to me that you have had a very difficult life, to say the least. I realize that trusting adults is not something that is easy, or maybe even possible, for you at this point in your life. But I enjoyed our time together and was sad when you left.

It was obvious to me that you are smart, sweet, and certainly have the ability to really succeed! Your pride when you talked about your daughter was very endearing to me and I hope that you are able to continue to have an active and positive role in her life as she grows up. Very soon you will be an adult, and I hope that you make choices that will ultimately allow you to have a happy, safe, and fulfilling future.

I want to offer my assistance if there is ever a time when you need anything – even if it is 50 years down the road! Please don’t ever hesitate to call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. My phone number has been the same since the day I bought my first cell phone – it will never change! Although I know it is likely that you will never use it, I want you to know that the offer will always stand.

Good luck in everything, Catie – you will be in my prayers.



I do hope she at least gets to read it someday - I'm requesting that she get the original, but that a copy is placed in her file in case she ever requests it in the future. I really did see a lot of strengths in her and hope that she chooses to let someone help her one day. I'll certainly never forget her!


  1. Love the letter. Love that you cared enough to write it.

  2. I think this is a great letter. When I had to go through Rowan's things after he went AWOL, I saw that he'd kept even seemingly insignificant letters. That's why I make an effort to write to him monthly, because I know he'll hang onto it. (Not that I'm saying you should do that with Catie; that would be a little creepy! But I think the letter may mean more than you realize.)

  3. This is an awesome letter!!! I encourage you to give it to her worker. You never know, it may be the biggest turning point in her life! :)


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