Friday, April 2, 2010

You Rock / You Rule: March

Time for the You Rock/You Rule Round up from March!

Oh my goodness were there a lot of amazing posts out there this month! I save potential posts in my Google Reader and it was getting crazy full as this month came to a close! It was really hard to narrow it down!

Here are the posts that ROCKED this month:

I just started reading Lulu's blog, "What Now?" and I can honestly say that each and every post amazes me. I keep wanting to go back and read the blog from beginning to end - someday I will! Lulu and her partner have decided to adopt a teenager from foster care!! Their son "T" has picked some really special people to call his parents! And here's the best part - Lulu really "gets it", as evidenced by this post where she talks about meeting T's right where he is at any given moment. Read it - you'll be inspired. Promise.

Next up? Reas from Trench Warfare - always full of insight with a generous helping of snark. But this post really struck a chord with me. Its about the double edged sword of prescription pain medication abuse. Not only do I completely agree that the medical professionals ought to be held accountable for these situations, but I empathize with the feeling of absolute helplessness that a social worker feels after dealing with this type of client. Please go read this post - and if nothing else, hold your own doctor accountable when he writes you that vic*din script.

This may seem like very basic parenting advice - but sometimes I think everyone who works with kids can benefit from a refresher! And Katie Malinski outlines the important difference between De Jure versus De Facto Parenting. Of all the parenting advice I've given out in my professional (okay, and sometimes personal) life - this one is hands down one of the top three.

Now I beg of you, if you a)have an adopted child and b) are a blog reader, please take some time to read blogs written by first parents. And, if you want a good place to start, I'd like to recommend Thanksgiving Mom's blog. TG describes herself as a "Safe Haven Mom" - she placed her daughter, "Cupcake" for adoption through the Safe Haven law in her state. But the twist in her story is she's now in an open adoption with Cupcake and her adoptive mom Dee. This post, "The Way We Love" describes the precarious line that she walks in loving her daughter.

Between SanitySrchr and Jae Ran - my bedside table will not want for a book nor will I ever have to wonder what my next read should be! If you are interested in adoption, foster care, parenting, and/or mental health - there is a book or video there for you!

And sneaking in right at the end of the month was a beautifully written post by Dawn from Creating a Family. It is in response to a question posed by an adoptive parent, who is struggling with maintaining contact with her (internationally adopted) son's foster family. Dawn's response is thorough and insightful in drawing out the underlying concerns and feelings of the adoptive parent. But even more, she normalizes these feelings and is gentle, yet firm, in her encouragement that it is vital for (all) adoptive parents to explore their feelings regarding not having sole "claim" to their children - for the sake of their children! Truly, I only hope that I can be as sensitive and articulate the next time I come across this situation.

And now, for the things that I, personally, believe RULE:

1) Blogging - I love my blog so much that I now have TWO. (If you want the link, just email me!) And, even though I now have to debate "where to post what thought and when" all the time, I gain so much just from putting words on paper (methaphorically of course!) and then hearing your responses! Which leads me to...
2) Comments!! - Love em. Who doesn't? Nuff said.
3) New Blogs - I found so many during the OA Interview Project! I'm wondering if any of my readers who blog about foster care might want to do something similar? Not just foster parents - but former (or current) foster kids, social workers, those who adopted from foster care? Putting it out there - let me know what you think!
4) Easter - celebrating the day all my sins were forgiven? That definitely rules. HAPPY EASTER!!

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  1. Lulu's blog is a new favorite of mine.

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