Friday, May 7, 2010

Because Every Mother Matters

Okay, I know I said I don't really do this - but I think I might be changing my mind about somethings! And, its my blog - so there! :)

Last month I asked you to donate to Kiah's Surgery - and  I'm hoping that some of you will still be moved to give! They still need donations to provide medical care to many sick babies at the New Day Foster Home!

But today I want to tell you about another organization that is in need of your help. I just happened upon Steffany's blog earlier this week and was simply amazed at her story. I think some of you might be too!

Over two years ago, in March of 2008, Steffany and her husband Adam traveled to Ethiopia to bring home their twins. During their time there, they met a young couple named Alebachew (Alex) and Gedese. Gedese was pregnant with their second child - their first baby had died in utero at 8 months due to pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a relatively common and completely managable complication here in the US, but in Ethiopia it is nearly always fatal. Alex and Gadese were terrified that they would lose this baby as well.

Together, Steffany and Adam made a crazy offer and Alex and Gedese made a courageous decision. Gedese would fly to America and stay with Steffany and Adam's family until she gave birth. With help from another amazing family that was there to pick up their own daughter, they covered her plane ticket to the states. Gedese lived with them for . She gave birth to a baby girl named Christiana - the baby came down with a serious infection days after birth, she likely wouldn't have survived in Ethiopia. And then, after almost a full year, Gedese and Christiana returned to their country and to Alex. (You can read the entire story here.)

What an amazing story!

But it doesn't end there.

Steffany's heart was changed forever and she has started an organization to try to prevent infant and maternal deaths in East Africa. Did you know that 1 in 11 women in East Africa dies of pregnancy related causes? That is a staggering statistic.

The organization is called BECAUSE EVERY MOTHER MATTERS.

BECAUSE EVERY MOTHER MATTERS has a goal to raise at least $5k by Mother's Day. To do this they have held $10 Fridays for the last three weeks. They have already raised $1500! But there is still more to raise - and today is Friday!

I know that many of starting reading this blog because of Zari's Story, so you know my attachment to Ethiopia. Maybe you don't have that same personal attachment - but do you really need to know an actual child who has lost a mother to know how devestating it is? This Sunday is Mother's Day - we have a whole DAY set aside to celebrate our mothers here in the US! We send them cards or flowers or little trinkets that express how much they mean to us. So isn't 10 dollars worth helping another person's mother? 100% of your donations will be used to fund a holistic maternity clinic and infant development center in Ethiopia.  
Please click the picture above or the link on the right side of my blog and donate - BECAUSE EVERY MOTHER MATTERS!

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  1. Having been in East Africa-Tanzania and Kenya- I can so understand why there are so many infant and maternal deaths. There are so few fam planning clinics in the rural areas, mothers have child after child and terrible hospital care-if there's one in their area.And if there is, the nurses can be brutal in their care. A few years ago a mom was going through a very slow labour and the nurses tied a sheet around her abdomen and pulled down on it to bring the baby out.Talk about cruelty!!


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