Friday, May 21, 2010

New and Improved!!

Come check out my new blog design!

It was created by Kelsey  who you can find over at her site - Kreated By Kelsey! Not only can she whip you up a fun new bloggy look, she is super reasonably priced! And, a total professional! I don't know if its normal to be completely indecisive (coughlikeiwascough) but she handles it all! Pop on over and check out her other work!

And while you are "popping" around - check out these two articles written in Adoptive Families Magazine. "The First Dad" and "More than a Reunion" are the links. Both are written about open adoption and illustrate the importance of keeping birth/first FATHERS invovled in their children's lives. We talk a lot about mothers in the adoption world - both birth and adoptive - fathers get overlooked far too often. And, working to develop a good relationship with a father does have its own nuances- but fathers are equally important in our kids' lives! Best part about these articles? I "know" the writers of both of them! Go check them out!


  1. Kelsey does great work! I love the color theme (yummmmm....lavender) and the clean look.

    Beautiful, SW24/7.

  2. I didn't realize what was behind your blog name. I am not religious, but I still like that verse! I like that it's front and center now too!

  3. I find it extraordinary that given your header, which I have to assume you believe, you can post such personal information about children and people you work or have worked with, their stories, their photos.
    Whatever happened in the profession to confidentiality, discretion, respect, compassion and common sense?
    Given your screen name, maybe you need to learn to switch off sometimes for your own balance, perspective, sanity and for the sake of the people you work with.
    Like the blog design!

  4. I love the new layout. I've been stalking your social work blog for awhile now. It looks great and so professional!

  5. I love the new look.

    Thanks for reminding us about how important fathers are. They are too often considered insignificant.

  6. i also really like the redesign. feminine, chill and straight-forward re: god stuff. not good, not bad, but def here.


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