Monday, May 3, 2010

You Rock / You Rule April Edition!

Yup - its that time again!

Time for You Rock/You Rule!

Stuff that I think Rocks:

- Old episodes of "PUNK'd that come on my TV guide channel - which is one of only 6 channels I get since I have no cable.  Luckily I can watch these eps over and over again. I never watched the show back in the day -Hilarious.
- Newborns. I got to spend time with the first of 3,926 babies that are scheduled to be born to my friends this year. Baby Charlotte was perfection - I can't wait for the other 3,925 to be born! (Even though I'm going broke on baby gifts!)
- Risotto. Its my new favorite dinner to make at home. And yes, I make it out of a box. But I grate my own parmesean cheese so that has to count for somthing right? Try Targey's Archer Farms Butternut Squash Risotto, its my fave.


Okay, on to the part that you might actually care about - the plethora of amazing blog posts written this past month! Wow, my Google Reader was bursting at the seams!

Blogs that Rule:

I love, love, love Jon Acuff's site - Stuff Christians Like. If you can't poke fun at yourself every once in a while - what's the point? And Jon is funny - but this post is much more serious. It actually made me choke up a little when I read it on Easter Sunday. First, because he so eloquently illustrates that moment when a child learns about shame and embarressment - and what a sad day that is for the adults who love that child. But also because he shares a beautiful message - all in a post entitiled "Thinking you are naked".

And, I'm still loving Lulu's blog "Now What?"- she might be the first person to get a back to back "You Rock/You Rule" shoutout. She deserves it. Especially now that I had my first Resource Placement, a 17 year old girl, I am even more grateful for people who are willing to foster and adopt teenagers. Her post "Hit and Run Love" wonderfully demonstrates how different it is to show love to a teen as opposed to a baby or young child - but also demonstrates that it is no less important that you do it!

Oh Reas, I <3 you. Even if we probably could never discuss politics for more than 2.5 seconds. ;) Nevertheless, Reas' post "Woes of a CPS Worker" was right on target. I never took more than a day off at a time when I was a caseworker - I really believed I couldn't. And even when I had a day off, I waited anxiously by my phone for something to blow up. I have de-escalated crisises in Targey bathrooms, on snow covered sidewalks while my dinner got cold in the restuarant, during countless birthday parties, and from another state. There has to be a better way...

A quick shoutout to anyone who has adopted children from foster care - Kelly at "The Missing Piece" had a great post recently where she asked for help in regards to talking to her kids about their memories of their birth families. Please go show her some love as she navigates doing what is best for this sweet kids during this difficult transition.

And CB from Fighting Monsters had a great review of a british documentary about America's Medicated Kids. The documentary sounds awesome and I can't wait to watch it - details about where you can find it are also in the post.

Has Lori made an appearance on "You Rock/You Rule"? I really can't remember! But she should have - so here is a good one. Lori asks a great question is this post, "What is the difference between Brainwashed and Acculturated?" I love questions like this. Plus, Lori's friend brought up a good point about how we American woman demonstrate respect (or lack thereof) for our own bodies. Gave me a lot to think about... I hope it does for you too!

Speaking of looking at things in a different way - I think Heather did a fantastic job of doing just that in her post "Homeless" about the current struggle going on with one of her children's first parents. My favorite paragraph:
Poverty is, of course, part and parcel of homelessness. It's also not always as simple as a lack of cash. It would be ridiculous to think that money had nothing to do with them not raising their child. But there is a lot going on with our loved one, a tangle of disability, unemployment, addiction and recovery, mental illness, broken support systems and more. I don't even pretend to be able to tease out what is cause and what is effect in all that.
Please go read it right this minute. You can always come back here afterwards.

And once you come back from that one, make sure you also read Maggie's recent post about her current foster children. I teared up as I read about one of her sweet boys telling her, "I don’t even want to be a foster kid! I don’t even WANT to be here!". I've had those exact same words said (okay yelled) at me more than once. It was even more heartbreaking to hear that child's brother joined in by saying, "I guess that’s just how God made us." Devestating. But, Maggie's response was perfect. (It is also the perfect response for anyone who claims that "God intended for this child to come to our family through foster care/adoption".)
Oh! Once you are on Maggie's blog - check out the info about a special camp just for foster and adoptive families - newly placed kids go free!

That pretty much sums up You Rock/You Rule for April - so don't even feel the need to come back from Maggie's blog! :) Hope you all enjoy!


  1. Can't wait to check out some (new-to-me) blogs. Thanks so much for the links.

  2. I came back from Maggie's and Heather's thanks for the links as always they are great i just rarely say anything about them

  3. You are, as always, too kind. :)

  4. Tonggu Momma and J - You are welcome, hope you enjoy!

    Heather - I'll stop being nice when you stop being so modest! ;)

  5. I just love the Rock & Rule image.

    Thanks for the shout out! I enjoyed reading peoples thoughts on that one.

    Great roundup -- gonna check out some new (and familiar) places!

    I think you Rock & Rule, too!

  6. Well thanks for the shout out! You're too kind! I hope that some people check out Horn Creek!

  7. Wow. Thanks for the shout out. I never expected to see my blog on here. Thanks for the links too.


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