Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Rock/ You Rule - May 2010!

Whoohoo - sorry this is running a little bit late this month. But here is the latest roundup of blogs n' things that I think "Rock" and/or "Rule"!

Things I think Rule:

1. New babies - that is the only one I can think of right now!

Blogs that I think Rock:

First up - if you have not watched Christine's videos on Therapeutic Parenting - GO RIGHT NOW. I don't care if you aren't parenting hurt children - go watch them anyway! Here's one so that you get a little taste of the awesomesauce:

Speaking of parenting resources - check out Katie Malinski's blog. She is a social worker and she offers excellent parenting tips and tricks. Some of it may seem obvious, but I'm constantly amazed at how often we forget some of the basics!

Who doesn't love Harry Potter? Wait, don't answer that if you haven't read/don't care for/think it is from the devil - because I LOVE Harry. And I have always loved the awesome how the books have themes of "family of choice", abandonment, fear, trust, and overcoming one's situations in them. And I certainly think that using these books to talk to kids who have been adopted or have traumatic pasts could be very interesting! Check out this post from Adopt-a-tude about one mom who is navigating this tricky path with her adopted son.

Ever been in therapy for yourself? Maybe you still are? This was a pretty good article entitled, "21 tips for Clients in Psychotherapy" - full of good advice on how to get the most out of your time in therapy. I know sometimes its hard for me, having been a therapist myself, to do some of these things when I'm in therapy - especially number two!

A few months ago I caught an episode of MTV's 16 and Pregnant. MTV is something I am generally loathe to watch - but this episode caught my eye because the young girl was considering adoption. After watching further I learned that the pregnant teen was adopted herself. And then in steps her mother (adoptive) who was seriously pushing the idea of placing the child for adoption. I watched, generally enraged, as this mother essentially told her child that she would not support her if she chose to keep this baby - but continued to say it was "her decision". The teen eventually did place her baby with a couple and it is supposed to be an open adoption. All I could think about was, no matter how great a life that baby has, how will that teen ever come to grips with the decision she was forced to make? Will she ever be able to truly forgive and trust her mother again? Not too long afterwards, Thanksgivingmom wrote this post about Parental Responsibility. I urge you to read it and think about the circumstances that lead babies to be placed for adoption, and also how you might react if your teenage child ever finds themselves in a such a position.

Oh how I don't miss all the "extra duties as assigned" that Anatolia talk about being part and parcel of most casemanager jobs! It was always a running joke around my co-workers - "I didn't know I went to grad school to become a furniture mover/babysitter/cab driver!"

Naming in adoption is such a controversial topic - I know my feelings on it change on a regular basis! But I think it is something that we should all continue to think and talk about - after all, our kids have to live with their names for the rest of their lives! Malinda from AdoptionTalk not only makes some eloquent points herself, she links to a lot of other good sources and opinions. Read 'em all!

I really like this new blog/site that NASW runs called "Social Workers Speak!" - it posts cool stories of social workers and social issues that are found in the media. I thought this article stating that "Social Workers Tend to Befriend Other Social Workers" to be interesting - I have a lot of friends who aren't social workers, but I don't know what I would do if I didn't also have my social worker friends. Sometimes I just need someone who "gets it".

Last but not least, is Yondalla - one of my favorite foster mom bloggers, who talks eloquently about providing permanent homes and parenting teenagers. None of her kids are legally hers - but that hasn't stopped her from being their mom! And she does such a great job of expressing how her children's actions speak SO much louder than their words - especially in this post about "Being His Mom". Please grab kleenex before clinking that link.

See you next month !


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