Tuesday, November 2, 2010

By the Numbers

Phone calls today from parents/foster parents asking me questions about their child

Times I signed my name to an official document today

Minutes spent in a meeting learning about changing protocols

Staff on my original team

Staff left on my team after two were promoted last week

 Cases that need to be reassigned to new workers

 Emails recieved today for work since Friday

Minutes for lunch today

Voicemails left over the weekend when I obviously wasn't going to be checking them.

Supervision notes written over the weekend
 (1 - for each case I am responsible for supervising)

Staff casenotes for just last week, reviewed and initialed

Decisions made today that will negatively impact a child

Times that I wished I did something else for a living


  1. How many kids on your case load take psyche meds?

  2. LOVE IT!! Your day exhausts me...

  3. I'm quite jealous of the 36 min lunch :)


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