Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten years ago it was September 11, 2011... I wasn't sure, on that day or the weeks that ensued, if life would really go on - but it did. At first I felt like we wandered around in a fog, not sure of the future or what our purpose was supposed to be now. Then we slowly began to realize that life would go on and that we needed to be a part of it. But I remember it as a slow process, and each year on the anniversary I feel like time stands still for a moment while I try to understand it again.

I am currently reading a book called "Until the Fires Stopped Burning", which was written by Charles Strozier, a practicing psychoanalyst in Manhattan. He describes the radiating circles of experiences on 9/11 as "Zones of Sadness", which is truly a perfect term in my opinion. Strozier writes specifically about three Zones. The first zone is obviously those who actually witnessed and experienced the tragedy first hand, with the second and third apply to those with increasing degrees of removal from the events of that day. Clearly, I am part of that Third Zone of Sadness. (I wrote about my experience in 2008.) This doesn't make my experiences any less real or intense, but I am certainly more removed from the events of that day than others who were more directly affected. Strozier uses the re-telling of people's stories to explore of our collective conscious and unconscious understanding of what happened ten years ago today. I'm only about halfway through the book, but I would highly recommend it for anyone who still struggles to process how this day changed our nation.

Ten years ago I sat on a couch with my best friends, holding hands while we tried to make sense of what was happening in our world... This morning, I am meeting one of those friends for brunch, to look at pictures of her wedding. Later, I will go to church, an evening service is being held in remembrance of this day. Tomorrow, I will go back to work and life will continue on. We will always remember.

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