Friday, March 8, 2013

Tap tap tap...

Is this thing still on?

Anyone actually out there still?

Well, I hope some of you didn't delete me out of your readers and such. Cause I've decided this blog needs a resurrection. I can't promise it will be as active as it once is rather busy these days! My health is doing just fine, lots of stressful follow up appointments - but the last six months have been very promising. Hopefully it will stay that way! But I miss having this (semi) anonymous space to talk about my passions, my job, social work, etc.

And life is about to get a little bit more interesting.

I'm about to be even more immersed in the child welfare world.

But from a completely new perspective - as a foster parent.

I'm sure NONE of you are really that surprised! :)

But I was a little shocked at myself. And going through the whole licensing process and now being on the "recieving" end is definitely an eye opener to many things! But, I'm excited to be on this new path and anxious to see where it leads.

And thus, the blog is back.

Hope someone is still reading!


  1. ThePinkSuperheroMarch 8, 2013 at 7:20 PM

    Hi, still reading :)  Congrats on becoming a foster parent!

  2.  Still reading! And super excited that you're going to start writing again!!!

  3. Still out here. Welcome back. Looking forward to "Adventures in Foster Parenting!"

  4. I'm excited for you to be on that side of the crazy life that is child welfare ;) Can't wait to see what your first placement is!

  5. I'm reading and eager to hear about your new journey!

  6. I'm still reading!! Congrats on becoming a foster parent!! :)

  7. So glad you're back & congrats! 


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