Saturday, October 26, 2013

What I Did Over Summer Vacation

Well, I guess should say "what I did NOT do"... which was any blogging!

But that is all about to change, I promise!

No kiddos have been placed here yet - but I have had a couple of respite/voluntary placements. One stayed longer than expected and was just the sweetest thing ever. More about him later...

What I did do over the summer is start a photography business though - and that has kept me INSANELY busy. I haven't quit my day job, but I'm hoping that someday I might be able to work more "from home" and be my own boss. This summer and fall have been very successful for a newbie. We will see if next year is as steady or if I just had beginner's luck.

One exciting thing that I want to tell you about is my new monthly contribution to Open Adoption Bloggers!! I will be writing about my experiences from both my social worker and foster parent experiences. My series is called "Two Perspectives / One Path" and my first post went up a few weeks ago - check it out here!

So, I apologize for the long pause between posts but will be back soon! Thanks for always hanging in here with me!

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