Sunday, January 25, 2009

Literally 24/7?

I was pretty much working for 24 hours yesterday - my regular 9 hour day + an on call shift that started at 11pm and didn't end until 8am this morning. I was driving HOME at the time I had driven to work the day before. What a crazy night at the ER! The thing I was struck with last night is that sometimes its the "little things" that can make a big difference. The ER was packed all night and all the people I assessed had been there for over 6/7 hours. One girl was there for 11 hours by the time she got transferred. I couldn't help much - I can't rush labs, make transportation hurry, or tell doctors what to do. But I can be conscious about checking in on a regular basis. I can keep everyone updated on the progress - even if the update is "there is no progress". And I can smile at them - I tried to do that a lot last night.

I certainly hoped it helped ... even just a little.

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  1. It helped! A smile is the best thing to see in situations like that! : )

    It get tiring but... so worth it! So worth it!


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