Saturday, January 17, 2009

My life as a social worker

So, to introduce myself - I'm 28, live near a Big City, and work in the field of social work. Currently, I work as a therapist in a Community Mental Health agency for children and adolescents. I also worked for 4 years in Child Welfare. I LOVE my work - even though I sometimes hate my job. But doing my job has taught me so many things that I hope I can carry with me. I'm terrible at keeping a journal, writing things down, etc. But I'm hoping maybe this way I will post things here, keeping a record - and maybe someone reading it will get something out of it too. Bonus! So, here goes!

Some things I've already learned:

* All parents love their children. Even those that can not adequately parent their children full-time.
* If you spend enough time with people, you will find out that every pre-concieved judgement you've ever held will be challenged.
* Social workers are not saints. And nothing makes me feel worse than being told that I must be a "special kind of person" because I do social work.
* No matter how good I am at my job, I can not prevent bad things from happening. And I can not hold myself responsible when they inevitably do.

I don't plan for this blog to be depressing - but some days it likely will be. Then there will be days of shockingly beautiful moments. Social work is like that. I hope the rays of sunshine will carry you through the clouds - they always do for me.


  1. Hey my new friend! Isn't social work amazing!! I love my job also and I really enjoyed reading thru what you had learned as a social worker! We are awesome people who will change the world!!

    Keep it up!

  2. I hate my job as a social worker due to the budgetary constraints and the inability to put into practice my professional training.


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