Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let he who has never sinned, cast the first stone

WOW. I just happened to be looking on Facebook and found 2 groups that have already formed to spew hate against the woman who killed the 16 month old from my earlier post. Let me make this clear - I LOVE CHILDREN. Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about babies, think toddlers are from heaven, and like nothing better than to hang out with a group of kids. I think each and every child is precious and deserves all the love, happiness and security that life has to offer. I work everyday to try to make that dream a reality. But I do not think this woman deserves to be dropped "off of the Sears Tower without empathy or hesitation" or that she should "burn in hell". The two groups each already have over 150 members. Almost everyone follows up their description of what they'd do to this teacher with "I'm praying for the family. This offends me more than anything else I think. YES what she did was horrible, YES she should be prosecuted, YES she should not ever be allowed to work with children again. But why does our sympathy and outrage never extend past the victim to see that there is more tragedy here? I think when we, as a society, simply reduce this woman to an "evil, horrible, monster", we effectively wipe our hands of any responsibility to change the system or try to play a part in this never happening again. And that makes me sad, and somewhat angry. I don't have all the solutions. But for now, I will be praying for all involved in this horrible situation, the child's family, the teacher, the daycare, the community who all likely feel some responsibility. And I pray for all of the people who would cast judgement. May they instead decide to take some proactive measures to make sure things like this do not happen again.

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