Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I think we may have just crossed a line here...

So, I come into work today and immediately hit the "power" button to turn on the computer. This may seem like a mundane detail, but with the way they keep changing our system/programs/network one just never knows what might happen once the computer wakes up. I've managed to take most of these changes in stride - even when it means having to convert all my paper notes to computer ones, having to hunt down the "internet" icon wherever they've hidden it, and never being able to print to the correct printer on the first try. Other people have bitched and moaned and acted as if the world is coming to an end but I've tried to be optimistic. But today may have signaled the end to all that.

The first screen I usually get once the computer turns on is the one where I enter my password. Now, I don't know about you all - but I try to keep my life as uncomplicated as possible. Therefore I try to keep as many of the 18,000+ passwords that I need to have to get into my work computer/home computer/atm/bank online/various emails/blog/sites/online shopping/etc - relatively simple.

I only have about 3 that I use - if for some reason they won't work I can usually just add an extra number or something and they will fit. So, when my computer at work asked me to change my password today, I wasn't too concerned.

So, I put in my "number 1" pick as password - the one that I use MOST often, but for some reason hadn't used when I first had to pick one for work.


Okay - Favorite password + the number 1


Hmmm - Favoriate password + 123


Grrrr - Second favorite password (its a super long one in case the issue is not enough characters)


ARGH! - Second favorite password + 3 numbers


*Dial phone - ring ring ring*

"Hello - IT help desk? This is Socialwrkr24/7. I can't seem to enter a new password that the computer will accept. Could you please tell me what I need to include?"

"Sure - your password needs to have the following: at least 9 letters, one CAPITAL LETTER, one number, and one special character"

"Special character?" (In my head I was thinking - 'like Mickey Mouse'?)

"Yes, a special character such as *, &, #,@, or ! "

*hangs up phone*

Okay - seriously?

I understand that our computers hold some pretty important information and that we also have to abide by the super-fun HIPPA laws. But really, WHO IS REALLY GOING TO BE TRYING TO BREAK INTO MY COMPUTER?? No one I see has any money to steal, assests to garnish, or secrets that would ruin their non-existant high powered career! So, why in the HECK do I need such a complicated password? I have better things to do with the extra 3 seconds it will now take me to think of my new password and type it in with all those fun "extras". This pretty much confirms what everyone has been saying around here for months - THE IT GUYS ARE SADISTIC.

Okay. Rant over. I promise.


  1. I ended up having to find a default for one of these crazy passwords instead of my favorite password and its a pain because i have to type is all slow to make sure to have the capital letters and junk.

  2. My sistem forces me to change every two months and I am not allowed to use anything the computer judges to be too similar to my past 10 (or is it 9 or 13?) passwords

  3. I'm guessing whatever you chose ends with a "!" just to get the point across :)

  4. HA! That would have been a great idea Nichole!

  5. Don't even want to get me started on this one. It drives me around the bend. and not in a good way....


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