Saturday, May 9, 2009

Not Okay!

(Pic from here)

I usually find it easy to see the good in people - but tonights' on-call shift was pretty much a lesson in all things NOT OKAY. Here's my short list of examples

Allowing your 16yr old daughter and 17 year old son to drop out of school and just 'hang out' all day long? NOT OKAY

Then when they have a fight and your son takes a handful of pills from your medicine cabinet? NOT OKAY

Leaving him alone in the hospital before the crisis worker (aka Me) shows up? NOT OKAY

Not answering the phone when I call 4 times to try to get information about the situation? Nope, NOT OKAY

Finally answering the phone after 50 minutes and telling me that you won't let me send your son to the 'loony farm'? Still NOT OKAY

Arriving at the hospital, yelling at your son to put on his clothes and then yelling at me for waking you up? Ugh! NOT OKAY!

The fact that there is nothing that I can do to stop you from walking out of the hospital and refusing all services for your child? DEFINITELY NOT OKAY!


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