Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Changes

I just wanted to let you all know (in case my cheeky One Sentance Journal didn't clue you in) that I've made some changes over on my blog.

I added buttons to my blog rolls - Foster Care blogs, Adoption blogs, Social Work Blogs... Will you please take a minute and look for your blog on my lists? If its not there, or on the wrong list, just let me know and I'll include you asap!

I also added buttons for Zari's Story and my Child Welfare 101 posts - feel free to check and see if you missed any! I'm working on some more CW101 posts coming soon. I really want to get back to those - especially now that I'm back in Child Welfare!

And just in case I don't tell you all enough - I really enjoy reading all of YOUR blogs (I try to hunt you down if you've ever left a comment or follow me!). I have gained so much by reading about your different experiences, opinions, struggles and joys - Thank You so much for sharing!


  1. I would love for you to add my blog to your list. You follow my blog and I look forward to your comments and I also enjoy reading your blog.

  2. love the new look! I love when your posts pop up in my reader!

  3. Hey...great JOB!!!

    Can you teach me how to make a button-I love yours. I want to make one that we can use for fund-raising to bring Princess Sweetness home from Ethiopia. I haven't a clue...!

    You go girl...and congrats about the new job!

  4. I love your blog,though I don't remember to ck it often enough. :-)Meant to tell you though that your counter till your brother comes home is compelling. When a coworkers son sold popcorn recently you could have a tin sent to servicemen(or women. . servicepeople?) anyway, in lieu of buying something for us that we didn't really need (we can pop our own) we sent a tin over to the troops. Honestly, your countdown thing was what made me think to do it.


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