Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long post coming..

I am working on a post about my thoughts on the child welfare system and where to start fixing it.. but it is such a huge problem that I am foolish to think I have all the answers. So, I'll keep working on my thoughts - but until then, I am completely disgusted by this:

Problem one: Hooker and Pimp walk into a housing office trying to figure out how to buy a property in order to start a brothel. They are not immediately thrown out on their asses.

Problem two: They are completely up front about their intentions to bring underage girls from El Salvidor to prostitute. No one is concerned about child sex trafficking - They are encouraged to declare the girls as "dependants" to get around tax laws.

Problem three: My tax dollars are going towards funding this agency.
Problem three:


  1. Problem Three: How to live up to the NASW Code of Ethics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This makes me MAD and sick to my stomach. Nothing angers me more than Child Sex Trafficking - Nothing!!

    Take care of yourself!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while, and I am a social work intern at my local Department of Human Services. We are moving to a new form of practice, "signs of safety", with the goal of 0 placements- never removing a child from their home, no matter what the circumstances, and instead placing a lot of services on the family. I am curious what you think of that practice model.

  3. This is so sad and rediculous. I also would love to hear how to fix the child welfare system. I would love to get involved and spread the word if you have idea's. You work in there so I know you would have some great idea's as I just work for the system with foster care and wanting to adopt and wanting to know how to fix change or help the system. We live in Michigan and our state is in so much debt and we have county days off for the workers meaning DHS has been off one or two times a month and no pay and they are asking the workers to take days off and not work what they usualy work because of the deficit. There are kids out there that need help and need DHS and if the workers aren't there that can cause a problem or if the children fall in the system for a long time without the system keeping an eye on them because they are short handed when these kids could have been adopted and find a family before it is dificult fot them to find a family. If you have any idea's I am all ears and willing to help and would think that would be a great topic.

  4. I am also very interested in your ideas. As an insider, you can identify the biggest problems. We may not have all the answers but identifying the problems is important.

  5. Just found your blog BTW. Do you think maybe this is fake? I'm sure anyone can get an ACORN banner and hang it up in a sparse room

  6. Thank you for bringing attention to this. I hope this was fake, I am guessing it is not. Sex trafficking is horrible. I am sick to think that my hard earned money goes to support this kind of crap. Thank you again for making others aware.


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