Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, why not...

I'll throw in my thoughts on Obama's speech.

Actually, I'll let Heather from Sit a Spell do it - because she pretty much said everything I wanted to say anyhow.

Except that I will add this - I work with foster children and sadly many/most of them come from minority backgrounds. I think it is important to remember that, even though I disagree with many of his policies, he will always be a significant figure to the children with whom I work. I need to find ways to celebrate the wonderful things about his presidency - how he will help bridge the racial divisions in our country and inspire children to see how much potential they truly have in our country.

Now, go read Heather's post - and the comments, she does some great discussing down there too!


  1. I dont really get the hub bub. Little kids are going to grow up to be democrats/republicans/independents/green/apathetic regardless of if they listen to the president in their classrooms when they're 6, 12 or 16.

    I don't understand why people are so scared of listening to someone they dont like/agree with. His speech wasnt stay in school and abort all the babies you're going to make by having premarital sex. Even I who doesn't care about abortion or premarital sex would have thought that was inappropriate.

    Staying in school always appropriate and a nonpartisan issue. If the same speech was recited by LL Cool J would we have the same reaction?

  2. In defense of those who were more upset than me...

    1) We didn't know what the speech was going to say until about 48 hours before he gave it. It is a pretty heated scene in politics these days...

    2) I think more people were upset by the "lesson plan" included on the white house website that encouraged teachers to have the kids "write a letter saying how you (the child) can help the President... ". I can see how parents wouldn't want their children to write such an essay before they got a chance to talk to their kids about their own values/opinions/etc. Children are impressionable and parents should be the ones teaching them such things.

    But overall, once the speech was published for parents to review and the lesson plan was changed - I am totally okay with it. He's the president - I fully support children hearing him speak.


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