Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Activity: Step Five

If you are just joining in - go here first, and then Step 2 , Step 3 , and Step 4!*************************************************

I really hate to do this to you right now.

I'm sorry that I am coming to see you at your work/school. Why don't you step outside with me?
I'm afraid that I need you to move right now. I know it is sudden but you just can't go back there. I've asked them to pack up your stuff and I'll bring it to you later.

Unfortunately, when I ran a background check on #10, there was something there that we didn't expect. I can't really talk about it because its private - but you aren't going to be able to live there.

I'm sure you are disappointed. I know you really looked up to them. But please cross them off your list, its just not going to work out.

Also, I need you to cross #4 off your list - right now its just too hard for you to see them, because they are still hanging around #2. I'm sorry, but lets just focus on one thing at a time right now okay?

How are you feeling now? What if someone showed up today and said these things to you?

My list now

  1. Jason, Leah

  2. Mom

  3. God-mother

  4. Church

  5. Home

  6. Caucasian/Irish/Dutch

  7. Christian

  8. Dancing

  9. Photos

  10. J.B. - close family friend

  11. Kass


  1. WOW!!! If this doesn't open eyes (no pun intended), I don't know what will!!

  2. I would be completely confused and want to know what was going on right away. I want to know who I can't see tomorrow!!


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