Monday, October 12, 2009

Activity: Step Four

If you are just joining in - go here first, and then Step 2 and Step 3!*************************************************

Oh, I am SO sorry! I know I said I'd be back sooner... but things have been REALLY busy and some other people needed me. I got here as soon as I could...

I know last time I talked to you that I said that I would look into you being able to do #8 again... but we just don't have enough money right now.

I'm sorry... I know you really liked doing that. Maybe we can find something new that you'll like to do - Please cross it off your list okay?

Also, we need to talk about # 7.

I'd love it if you could see those people and participate in that group again - but unfortunately they are too far away from where you are staying right now. There just isn't any way for you to get there. Please cross them off your list.

Also, you aren't going to be staying here much longer. Its really not your fault, but the people you are staying with just aren't able to keep letting you stay here. I'll do my best to find somewhere familiar for you to go.

I'm going to check with number 10 and see if you can stay with them okay?

I'll be back as soon as I know something more definite and we'll try to make this move as easy as possible.

I hope you are all still with me - and I'm sure you're catching on to the point of this activity by now. If this were reality - how would you feel about ME right now?
My list now

  1. Jason, Leah

  2. Mom

  3. God-mother

  4. Church

  5. Home

  6. Caucasian/Irish/Dutch

  7. Christian

  8. Dancing

  9. Photos

  10. J.B. - close family friend

  11. Kass


  1. Do you like your job miss Social Worker?

  2. No need to get impatient LK. I am planning to discuss my reaction and thoughts about this activity in a post soon and your question is a part of that. I was not ignoring you, simply waiting for the exercise to be over.

    In short though, sometime I love my job and sometimes I hate it.


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