Monday, October 12, 2009

Activity: Step Three

If you are just joining in - go here first, and then Step 2!
Hi! I know its been a little while and you are probably what is going to happen next huh?

Well, don't you worry - I'm a professional and I know what is best for you. I care about you and really want you to trust me, okay?

I know you asked to talk to #11... but right now that just isn't possible. I know you really wanted to - but there are other things we need to focus on. Please cross #11 off your list and I'll let you know when you might be able to add them back.

Okay, now I need to talk to you about #3. I know that you have been fulfilling that role for a while now... but it just isn't appropriate. I need you to cross number 3 off your list and try not to act or think like that anymore.

Now, I know this isn't easy for you and I wish I could make it easier - but I promise that I'm trying to make the best decisions possible for you.

I will be back REALLY soon so that we can talk about your future.

How do you feel about all of this so far? How would you feel if you really had to give up #3?

My list now

  1. Jason, Leah

  2. Mom

  3. God-mother

  4. Church

  5. Home

  6. Caucasian/Irish/Dutch

  7. Christian

  8. Dancing

  9. Photos

  10. J.B. - close family friend

  11. Kass


  1. This is already heartbreaking.

  2. Barely into the "game" and I'm already sad for the outcome. As the foster parent I can already visualize where this is going, but it is insightful.

  3. Losing not just those important to me but the part of ME that is important to me. . .

  4. Crossing off number 3 for me was really hard. I had "mom" and that's all I've ever wanted to be so to not be able to be that anymore would kill me!


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