Monday, October 12, 2009

Activity: Step Two

If you haven't started this activity yet, please go HERE and write out your list please! Then come back and join in with me.


Imagine that you are hanging out in your house this afternoon and your doorbell rings. You get up to answer it and I am standing at your door!

I introduce myself, "Hello! My name is Socialwrkr24/7."

You don't know me, but I show you an official looking badge.

"I know you don't really know me, but I'm in charge of your life now. Don't worry, everything is going to be okay."

I smile and seem pretty nice - but then I say this,

"Unfortunately, I am here to tell you that you can not longer see #2 (on your list). I know that you really liked that person, but they just aren't safe for you to be around right now."

(Please cross #2 off your list.)

You are completely confused. That is your favorite family member! You've always been close and really like them best out of your whole family.

"I know this must be confusing, but I need you to come with me. I have a different place that you need to live right now- please come with me" (cross # 5 off your list)

Activity isn't over yet - please hang on to your list and check back here a little later to find out your next step.

Feel free to post your list below if you'd like.

My list now:

  1. Jason, Leah

  2. Mom

  3. God-mother

  4. Church

  5. Home

  6. Caucasian/Irish/Dutch

  7. Christian

  8. Dancing

  9. Photos

  10. J.B. - close family friend

  11. Kass


  1. this is going to be good. im excited to see what happens next

  2. Even though I knew this was an exercise, I still literally felt myself gasp inside when I crossed off that person and that place. (incidently mine were the same as yours)

  3. My response after your first request was extremely rude! (Rhymes with a certain type of vehicle) :-)


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