Friday, October 23, 2009

I Gotta Feeling

I can't help it - this makes me so happy...

It also makes me bitter. I wish I was there. I don't even care about Oprah - I just want to be part of a flash mob.

I'd do this:

I wish I had a twin, so we could do this:

And if you don't think this looks like fun...

Well, then I am sorry - but you are dead inside.

Happy Saturday!!


  1. Wow. That Black Eyed Peas stunt was SO COOL, as Oprah says. :D

  2. Fun!

    Can you turn your rss feed setting back to having full posts? I cant go on blogger at work so I cant look at your posts from work

  3. These were great! I've had to watch Oprah's over and over. Very cool.

  4. I love this improv group. One of my favorites is the food court musical -

    Mary in TX


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