Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have a new addiction...

I almost NEVER go on YouTube. But I saw one of these on Cheryl's blog and got totally hooked.

Its a little bit like that obsession I had with Flash Mobs a few weeks ago...

I also think I may be in love with this guy...



  1. omg these are the best things ever!

    I also loved the CC on the party in the USA. I never realized that sign language translation wasn't really a direct translation. It was interesting to see how he interpreted the song into ASL

  2. LOVE IT!

    I took ASL as my 2nd language and actually wanted to do social work with the deaf. Not sure if it's possible here or if I would ever feel comfortable doing that, since they are very inclusive!

    Love I gotta a feeling. I'm going to pass it on to my ASL friends :)

  3. Thanks SO MUCH for the shout out! It makes me feel like I'm really part of a community. I agree I like the last guy the best. I think he has quite a following. If you look @ his stuff he even has a making of video/interview. I like how he captions it so that people who are Deaf/HOH know all the words and people who don't know sign can learn the signs. I also wish those 1st 2 guys were more in sync...

  4. you know all 3 are the same guy? the black eyed peas one he is on the left.

    ps the last was my fav too. :)

  5. Oh, I think I might be in love with that guy too!!!! WOW, that was fun!
    Thanks to Disney radio, this is my 8 yr. old's favorite song right now, and I have got to show this to her! Thanks!


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