Tuesday, December 1, 2009

As my first official act...

of December NaBloPoMo...

I'd like to introduce you to two blogs that I follow, that I think maybe you should too! It was my plan to do a little bloggy shout out here for these two before I knew about December's challenge - luckily for me it can also count as a little "mitzvah" too. (Um, anyone out there want to let me know if I am using that word properly or not?? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!)


First: Frum Fostering

After spending nearly a year (or just over?) in the licensing process, Foster Ima is less than a week into her first placement! So far, things seem to be going pretty well - although lil miss is trying to give her a run for her money it seems! I know I've got some awesome foster parents reading my blog - so if you have a minute, please stop by and show her some bloggy support!

Second: Praying for Meghan

I don't actually know Meghan and her family, but I share some mutual friends with them and heard about their blog from a very good friend of mine. Meghan is 5 years old and just diagnosed with Brain Cancer. So far things are looking positive on the medical front - but brain surgery has been rough on Meghan and her recovery has been very difficult on her parent and siblings. Please stop by, show them some love, and say a prayer for Meghan and her family.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! It was over a year to be licensed; can you believe it? Kuh-razy.

    Anyway, there are two uses of "mitzvah." A purist would say that you didn't use it correctly, but colloquially you used it perfectly! :-)


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