Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was SO close! I made it to the 29th!

Who thought that putting NaBloPoMo during a month that ends in a major food coma, followed by manic shopping was a good plan?? I would like to start a petition to have NaBloPoMo during a nice calm month, like June maybe? I can't think of any holidays in June...

But I am glad that I participated - I liked thinking of something to put on the blog everyday
and it helped some of the writer's block that I can sometimes fall into here on the old blog.
The next month's challenge at nablopomo.com is MITZVAH - which I did have to look up to understand. Essentially the challenge is to do/give something nice to someone every day during the month. Pretty cool challenge, I say! I don't think it will be the main topic of my post everyday - but I think it will be good to try to do a "good deed" every day for the month.
I'm in - who is with me?


  1. I failed, too....and to think that for my first whole year of blogging I blogged daily! The problem is that I began to think I needed to actually write something of value every day, and THAT is a bit more of a challenge! I started out just thinking it would record family life and all...then I got more "literary" in my intent.... Not TOO literary, but not just news.

    I was thinking of doing the Mitzvah challenge. The real challenge would not be the good deeds quite so much as finding creative ways to write about them, and deeds unique or oblique enough to bear writing about....if that makes sense.

    I suppose since it is already the first, I should figure that out!

  2. I wouldn't call it a failure...you don't want to peak too early...:-) Gives you something to work towards next year.

    I am still reading you. Sorry I haven't been too present on the commenting front.



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