Friday, December 18, 2009


Thanks to everyone who was twittering this article this morning.

I can't decide what makes me more angry - that the government puts stupid clauses into bills that make no sense...

Or the fact that these kids are being thrown out of their homes because the state stopped paying.

No, I know which one makes me see red - the latter.

I know that it doesn't always happen that way. I know many foster children are part of their foster families long after they become adults. But the fact that over a thousand children (I don't care if they are 18, I was still very much a child at 18!) will be turned loose on the streets is a tragedy - not of the government, but of our society.


  1. This is my job- to work with homeless youth ages 16-23. Most of my clients are homeless because they were in foster care, aged out, and now have no support.

  2. Quite honestly, if a family would throw a child out on the street because the state stopped paying a subsidy, I don't think they are fit to have a child in their care in the first place.

    Though - to be honest, at the foster care training, my impression of the vast majority of people there was that this is just what they would do. There were a few foster/adopt families, a few people who are clearly fostering professionals, and maybe one or two others who, like us, wanted to help one child, or had a distant relative they wanted to take in. SO many people who seemed, unkind, illiterate and untrustworthy. It has haunted me ever since.

  3. Horrific. I cannot imagine ever turning a child out and our training experiences were much different than Annie's. I can well imagine being haunted..

    We definately aren't here for the big cash rewards (we spend at least twice what we're given per child) and it's so not about income anyways. Unless there is a safety issue (or something along those lines) I think it's the family's and the county's job to do everything in their power to ensure a solid future for the child (at any age).


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