Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Rock/You Rule - February '10 - Revamped!

I think I've settled on doing a "You Rock/You Rule" post once a month. There are enough awesome posts out there to do it once a DAY - but lets face it, I'm not that consistent of a blogger! So, once a month seems like a good amount - enough time to accumulate a good amount of noteworthy posts, but not so many as they become monotonous.

Also, I think I may add a new section to my "You Rock/You Rule" posts - in addition to all the blog posts, I'm going to throw in some random people/events/things that I personally think rock or rule. Could be current events...random celebrity happenings...my new favorite food (that changes monthly!)... Just my little way of sharing a little more of myself!

********* BLOGS that I think Rock! ***********

Malinda at AdoptionTalk wrote a great post that I think ties in really nicely to my OA Roundtable post. She wrote about Starting Conversations about Adoption with her children. Like I wrote about in my post, just because you can't have a traditional "open adoption", doesn't mean you can't BE open about adoption with your children. Malinda provides some great examples about how to weave adoption into mundane life moments, and provide your children the opening to talk about their thoughts anytime - not just during "serious" talks or bedtime!

I love finding new blogs!! I found "What Now?" after I noticed its author following me the other day. (I should really check my follower's list more often!) Lulu and her partner adopted a teenager from foster care - YAY!!! In her current post she writes about "Adoption Isolation" - it really gave me a lot of insight into the experience of a foster parent. And, I'm betting some of my readers can relate!

Ok, seriously - if you haven't started reading "Fosterhood in NYC" - you just don't know what you are missing. She seriously makes me want to move to New York, rent a studio in her building and take her up on her suggestion that we be "octo fostermoms" together! She's not your "traditional" fostercare blogger. She didn't get into foster care to adopt or build a family. In fact, she isn't always sure why she decided to do it at all! But she's doing awesome things with the kids in her care! Most recently, she posted about the 2nd most asked question, "But, Don't You Get Attached?" Her point was spot on and her thought process hilarious as always.

Issycat's blog isn't always easy for me to read. But I believe its important that I do listen to her perspective on being adopted - even though they aren't always positive. Recently she wrote a post about all the things she thanks her adoptive mom for in relation to her adoption.

And Heather from Production, Not Reproduction wrote a great post about the complexities of raising an African American daughter along with her Caucasian son. Best quote: "Not overemphasizing that three of the four of us share whiteness, but not ignoring it either. Our multiracial-ness as family makes us visible in particular ways and sometimes changes how others interact with us. But parenting a child of color doesn't make me a person of color; being a brother to a black sister doesn't make Puppy black. When any of us leaves the house without Firefly, our multiracial family identity becomes invisible to others." Awesome post - go read it!

********* STUFF that I think Rules! ***********

  • Sunshine - after 3 months of awful grey skies, I finally saw the sun the other day! I've never known winters like the ones here - and I can't stand them. I never realize how much I'm affected by the lack of sun - until it come out again! They say its coming back again this weekend and I can't wait!

  • Presliced fruit - I am not much of a fruit person to begin with, but add in the fact that it involves so much WORK (washing, peeling, slicing, etc) and that means I almost NEVER eat any! But, this weekend I found a grocery store in my area that serves multi-sized containers of pre-sliced fruit! Seperated and great mixes like Pineapples and Strawberries, Strawberries and Kiwi, and Mixed Berries. Its all fresh (not like a fruit cup) with no syrup or water added. Just the fruit! Yum!

  • Apolo Ohno - I'm sorry for anyone who follows me on Twitter. I was a little obsessive this past week... and I can't really promise that I'm over it yet. I'm afraid I'm about to give in to the urge to hang a poster of him over my bed - like I did with Eddie when I was 14... pathetic, I know! But what can I say?

He Rules.



  1. Love the links. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh gosh I am such an Apolo Ohno fan too! Actually a total Olympics junkie which is something i should probably fess up to on my blog! :-)

  3. Great post! I love discovering new foster care blogs through yours so I'll go check those out.


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