Friday, May 28, 2010


So, a few things to point out with the new blog!

First of all - I'm starting a new tradition up in that top right corner. See how its labeled "Current Causes"? Its gonna change about once a month and I'll do a post when it does. Though it was never my intent for this blog to be anything but my own journal, its obviously become way more than that! And, since I do have pretty much the best community of readers ever, I know that many of you would want to know about causes that help children and families! So, that is what that little spot is going to be! Please send me links to causes you know about too! I'd love to find more ways to promote healthy families and happy kids!

Next up is the new header up above - You'll see it has a lot of the same links as before, most importantly my blogrolls! Please go click around up there are find out about the other awesome people that I compulsively stalk read. Also, if you wouldn't mind suggesting blogs that aren't already there (yes, even your own!) I'd much appreciate it! They haven't been updated in a while and I don't want to leave any of you awesome folks out! You'll also see that I made a button for the "blogger series" that I have done here on the site - Zari's Story, Child Welfare 101, OAR and my You Rock/You Rule posts will all be in there so that they are easy to locate!

Then, on the left side just underneath my BlogherAds, you will see my super sweet new bloggy button! Please feel free to distribute widely! ;) Or just stick it on your blog... whatever you wish!

Directly under that, you will see links to two other places that I will be sharing thoughts, information and general randomness - my Twitter link and my new Facebook page! My Twitter account is private - but just ask to follow me! My Facebook page is open to all - but only if you really "like" me! ;)

Down a little further on that side, you will see a long banner for the new site Support for Special Needs - come join!!! And once you are there - come join the "Adoption Needs" group! If you are or have parented a child with special needs - you can get support... or maybe this time you will be the one who gets to GIVE IT!There is a place in there for foster parents as well! And, they are doing amazing giveaways right and left over there!

I think that is pretty much it! If you find any broken links or random things that just don't seem "right", please point them out to me! I hope you enjoy the new site and stay tuned for more posts soon. I've been slacking recently because work (and a potential new job!) have been keeping me busy, busy! More blogging coming soon!


  1. Love it!
    And here is a shameless plug for my blog:

  2. Wow. I love you for doing this and even want to do this on my own blog. Would you be mad if I stole your idea? :)

  3. I will self promote too, you can add me to adoption blogs I am mostly stalker but I speak up occasionally.

  4. You've got a great set-up going on here!


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