Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Promise

May is National Foster Care Month.

There are 463,000 children currently in out of home care - that number makes my heart hurt.

Wanna help?
But even if you do nothing to get involved with foster care - I'd hope you'd be willing to make this promise. I found it on a sign that was put up in my church for another project being sponsored by an agency in my state.

I thought it was a perfect promise for those that would like to see less children in foster care.

So, I promise to:
  1. Notice when parents need help and offer it.
  2. Notice when children need help and provide it.
  3. Introduce myself to, or reconnect with, my neighbors.
  4. Protect young children from scary or violent movies or music.
  5. Protect children from violent events.
  6. Let children see me solve problems calmly and without violence.
  7. Encourage children to express their feelings.
  8. Support rules and efforts that keep children safe.
  9. Seek help when I need it.
  10. Encourage someone else to make the same promises.
Can you make that promise?


  1. We should post that in CPS offices, I think sometimes we lost sight of what is important.


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