Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two Quick Things

1) I was really hoping that an adoptive parent would do it - but I couldn't stand the pleading anymore! I created a "Adoption Needs" on the brand spankin' new Support for Special Needs website. (Maybe you noticed the big banner on the side of my blog? The site was created by awesome adoptive mom Dawn and amazing special needs mom Julia!) Topics so far include Loss/Grief, Trauma/Seperation/Attachment, Transracial/Transcultural issues, and a place for you all to rant about the actual adoption process... including us annoying social workers! Please come join and start some more topics! I know how much all of you love to give/recieve support!

2) My giveaway is still going on! Just hop on over to this post from yesterday and follow the directions at the bottom to win a copy of "Addition by Adoption"! I promise its a fun book and its benefiting a great cause - charity: water. Even if you don't wanna win - if you wouldn't mind a little promotion for charity I'd sure appreciate it! Just link back to the post!

Thats all for today folks! :D

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