Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Rock/ You Rule June 2010

Oh how I love reading so many blogs - even though I did get REALLY behind this month. But I'm all up to date, there are only 8 unread posts in my reader and they are all from July... so on with June's You Rock/You Rule post!

First, some things that I think Rock:
1. My new job - specifically, my new office. I don't like to brag... but I am totally going to brag that my office has an awesome view. I'm on the 15th floor and can see my city's whole skyline PLUS a view of a big body of water out in the distance. I'm not sure how I'll get any work done...
2. My other job - I work part time at a women-only fitness center. And I work with some of the most amazing women. A few of us have recently been going out for margartitas about once a week. We laugh so hard that I almost always leave with aching abs and watery eyes. It does good things for my soul.
3. Margaritas - who doesn't think Margaritas Rock? YUM.

Now on to all the posts that Ruled last month!

Oh my dear Social Worker readers.... this very first link is for you! They never REALLY told us how little we would be paid after going through all that schooling, did they? Or maybe they did - but we tend to be an optimistic bunch so we probably assumed it wouldn't be that bad! Well, good news - there are some programs to help us with that school debt! Check out Sarah's PSA to social workers and underpaid people in general!

Sometimes I think the reason adoptive parents aren't able to consider open adoptions is because they are afraid that the birth/first parents will one day regret their decisions. I think the possiblity of having to face this regret is overwhelming. Please check out Dawn's post about living with regrets - I hope it helps some peole to think more objectively about what adoptive children will have to come to understand one day.

I know I have explored it here on my blog - but I love reading about how other people think about the concept that "if we love God right/enough/etc - we will have good things". The opposite of that is the belief that if we don't love God right/enough/etc - bad things will happen to us. I don't believe that outright - but sometimes I think I assume it when things are going especially good or bad in my life. Well, Heather and her family are moving to Haiti - and when she went to visit prior to their decision it forced Heather to confront her own beliefs about God. Please check out her post, "I left that God in Haiti" for some thought provoking reading.

You all probably already read this post - because pretty much everyone reads this blog I've discovered. But I thought MckMama's recent post on discipline was spot on for parents of young children. Even if the kids you are parenting have special needs, it never hurts to remember some basic parenting tools - check it out!


I hear these stories all the time from people who don't really understand why I work with peopel who abuse/neglect their children - the story of the recent time they went to W*lmart or the grocery store and saw the mother yelling at/completely ignoring/spanking their child. It is usually told in an incredibly judgemental way - "Can you BELIEVE they did that?" - but I don't think that is particularly helpful to anyone, especially the child. Instead, try this recommendation that Rebecca from Fosterhood NYC found - I promise, it works!


To wrap it all up, I leave you with a post from a mother who just adopted two girls from an orphanage in the Ukraine. The pictures in this post are not easy to view - they are of the room that one of her girls lived in for five years - and the children who are still living there. Once you have kleenex in hand, please check out "I Left My Heart There".

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  1. The reason I am afraid of ope adoption is that I am worried over parents with issues having poor boundaries and making my life hellish. I don't know whether I have only heard of this when it happens because it is rare, and therefore remarkable, or because it is usual, and therefore universal.


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