Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Social Work Blog awards

As far as awards go, this one is pretty cool! I don't know how they chose us or if the numbers are actual rankings or just random. But I'm #32 on's "Top 50 Blogs for Social Worker Professionals"! I'm honored! Most of my favorite blogs are up there - go check them all out!


  1. Hey, could you add my blog to your list?
    Not sure which list.
    I'm not a social worker, although it is my major. In 2013 I will be graduated.
    I used to be a foster parent, but I'm not anymore. Someday, perhaps I will be again.
    My five year old was adopted through foster care. He was 13 months old when placed as a foster child. His adoption was final at 2 1/2.
    So, go ahead and add me where you think I fit, please. Thanks!


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