Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So you wanna...

Contact me?

I've had a couple comments left recently by people who are trying to contact me - I could have SWORN that I had my email address posted around here somewhere!  But apparently I didn't, but now I have!

There is a linky thing up there on my toolbar that says "Contact Me", that you can click to find all the ways to connect with me. But I am including it all here, just in case you are reading this in Google!

I can be emailed at socialwrkr_247@live.com - I usually respond to email within 24 hours.

I can be followed on Twitter @socialwrkr247 - my tweets are locked, but I'll probably accept you! ;)

I can be found on Facebook by searching Socialwrkr 24/7 or by clicking the badge on my blog. All my posts go straight there too!

And of course - LEAVE A COMMENT on any post! I moderate those, so they come directly to my phone - as long as you sign in with an email, I can respond right back to you. If you comment anonymously, I can't!

Hope to hear from you!

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