Friday, May 24, 2013

Waiting Game

So, being patient is one of those things I have always prided myself on. I don't mind waiting in lines, I enjoy walking at the pace of toddlers, and I'm a social worker for heaven sake! Patience is my thing.

Until I became a licensed foster parent.

Then I became a neurotic, phone watching, craigslist stalking, toy buying, room rearranging, clothes hoarding, luntatic.

Seriously, when I write my "planning" post and include pictures - you will see.

But really, waiting for this phone call has stretched me to my limits of patience. As soon as my license came in the mail I got a million stories from other foster parents whose phone rang within days or weeks of getting licensed. My own licensing worker joked that I might get a call before the paper even came in the mail. So, once it was in my hands (and on my refridgerator) I began excitedly watching my phone.

After the first few days, I had a stern talk with myself.

I reminded myself that this was all part of the process and that I needed to calm down or I'd end up with high blood pressure before I ended up with a child. So, I slowly stopped watching the phone (and thus didn't have to talk to as many telemarketers since I wasn't answering every single number without looking to see who was calling).

A few weeks later, I was faced with a big decision...

Going out of town.

Who knew that taking a three day weekend could cause such a litany of woes?

In the end, I went out of town. I reminded myself that I couldn't put my life on hold, that I could still answer my phone, and most importantly I was only going 4 hours away.

Over the next couple months I got mostly back to normal. I still anxiously watched my phone sometimes. I still debated making future vacation plans. I still occasionally stood in the doorway of my empty "kid" room and wondered who would fill it.

But mostly, life went on like normal.

Then a couple of things happened that sent me back into a tailspin. First, it was a few significant days - not holidays per se - just significant dates that I had pictured sharing with a child this year. That caused me to throw myself a pity party. I wallowed for a few days - even called a good friend and shed some tears. I eventually reminded myself that this was actually a very BAD time for them to call. My worker was just about to go on leave and would be gone for 6-8 weeks. I certainly wouldn't be able to take any time off and was going to be very busy.

So, once again I tried to go back to patiently waiting. Looking on the bright side. Sleeping in on the weekends. Enjoying my free time.

But as the weeks crept by and it got closer to my worker's return, I experienced what can only be described as "nesting". The uncontrolable need to rearrange all the furniture in my house, clean out all my closet and BUY ALL THE THINGS.

Which pretty much brings you up to today. I've saved all my vacation time, rearranged my house, cleaned everything, bought/borrowed/organized all the kid stuff...and the time couldn't be more perfect.

But still no phone calls.

So, what did you do to keep the crazy away while waiting for your phone to ring?


  1. We got puppies. Two of them. Yellow labs. Did I mention...TWO of them?! Then...just two weeks later...we got the call to foster/adopt a newborn.

  2. Haha! Luckily, I already have two dogs. So, I'll stay away from that zoo!


    You are not alone! But like the last commenter something that would make having a child super tearing out carpet and then finding out your new carpet will be delayed and you have no bedrooms available...that is when our first little one arrived!


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